Winston Mc Anuff & Fixi : Clip « Garden of Love »

Vous êtes nombreux à les demander, alors voici les paroles de « Garden Of Love » et le clip pour vous entraîner ! 

(Winston McAnuff / Fixi)

Here we are on bending knees
Giving praises to the Almighty
Yes we will no wear no frown
Because we’re working for a crown
Yeas we’re living in charity
Helping those who are in need
No we just can take no bribe
Because the truth we can’t denie, 

You’re welcome, you’re welcome
In my garden, my garden of love 

Here we are on the same boat
Out of petrol but we still a float
Now we’ve got to do our best
And Jah Jah will do the rest
Through that love we’re all on this garden
Seeds of love we should be planting,
We just can’t waste no time
Time is the master spanner you can’t rewind, 

You’re welcome, you’re welcome
To my garden, my garden of love 

With love and understanding
We’ll break down the barriers, 
Love will teach us all the lessons

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